What are Rules?

The ability to create rules is one of the key features within Optim. These allow powerful customization, optimization, and automation options to be specified, saved, and re-used. Rules are separated into three categories: general rules, specific rules, and per element rules.

Developer Note

Rules are an ever evolving feature within Optim. Improvements and new additions are being added constantly. Don't see a rule option that you absolutely need? Send us a feature request ticket with a description and examples of what you want.

The General Rule

The General Rule is a rule with global preset definitions that can be used to quickly apply optimization options with only a few clicks. By default, this rule is not active and must be enabled in order to take advantage of the global definitions. This General Rule will NOT affect elements that have been included in other rule types.

Currently, this is only enabled for the Geometry tab.

Specific Rule 

Specific rules allow users to target a specified group of elements and apply customization and optimization options to them.

Per Element Rule

Per element rules allows users to change elements on an individual level.