The Geometry rules section is dedicated to managing the Geometry General Rule and Specific Rules. This section can be located inside the Geometry category and inside the Rules sub-category.

General Rule

The General Rule is a very useful rule that allows for quick, simple, and effective optimization and/or automation.

Combine Method

The combine method allows the merging by a few pre-defined filters such as: duplicates, layers, materials. Depending on the project structure and intensity, this option can reduce the actor count from a few hundred thousand to a few thousand.

Generate Lightmaps

Enabling this option will automatically generate lightmaps for all geometry actors not in any other active filters. The lightmaps generated by this options take the geometry actor and the world into account. This option is ideal to enable if lightmaps were not created for your geometry actors.

Generate Level of Detail (LOD)

Enabling this option will automatically generate LOD's for all geometry actors not in any other active filters. This option is ideal to enable to save time.


Specific Rules

The specific rule is very useful when wanting to target specific geometry actors. In addition, it provides multiple additional features over the General Rule.

To create a rule, simply click the New Rule button(1). Once the button is clicked, a new rule card(2) will appear in the flow layout below. Do note, you can create as many rules as you want.


Rule Cards

Rule cards display useful statistics such as: rule name(1), combine type(5), level of detail(6), number of actors in the rule(7), the total number of output actors(8).

The three buttons are: toggle(2), edit(3), and delete(4). Toggle will toggle the rule to active/inactive. An in-active rule will act as if the rule isn't there at all. Delete will delete the rule. And edit will open up the rule edit options page.

Note: If a new rule is created and isn't edited, it is considered a blank rule. A blank rule will not be processed.

Icon Guide

img Save Rules:

The complete rule list can be saved for later use. This will save out the file as a .orf (Optim Rule File) file.

img Load Rules:

This will populate the rule list with the rules saved in the .org file.

img Edit Rule:

This will open a new section where the rule filters and actions can be edited.

img Rule Active:

An active rule will be computed upon import.

img Rule Inactive:

An inactive rule will NOT be computed upon import and will be ignored. All geometry actors referenced will be freed up.

img Delete rule:

This will DELETE the rule. This cannot be un-done currently.