Released: 5 March 2019
Release Type: Feature release


This release brings a multitude of quality of life changes, additional functionality, and bug fixes. 


  • Metadata filter added
  • Additional options for name and material filters added
    • Contains
    • Doesn't contain
    • Starts with
    • Doesn't start with
    • Ends with
    • Doesn't end with
    • Regex (Regular Expression Syntax)
      • Example: The Regex expression /([A-Z])\w+ match a character in the range "A" to "Z" (char code 65 to 90). Case sensitive. 
      • 3rd Party Resource:


  • The reassignment functionality has been adjusted.
    • Clicking on a material card will open up a reassignment menu
    • Clicking on the link icon on a material card will break that reassignment link
  • Search added
  • Reassigned count added
  • Texture or Base Color preview added
    • Note: If the preview shows a light-blue color , that means Optim couldn't find the color, or texture to preview.
  • Display filters
    • View all
    • View reassigned
    • View not reassigned

Note: Material previews and reassignment currently only work with Datasmith files. We're looking into CAD support.


  • CAD Tessellation Options added under Dashboard


  • .stp file types now properly show up when browsing for files


  • One installer for all Unreal Engine versions
  • Allows custom Optim application install locations
  • Default directory changed to C\Program Files\Theia Interactive\Optim
  • Configurable files will be stored in C\Program Data\Theia Interactive\Optim
Note: All previous installations of Optim require manual uninstallation


  • Unreal Engine 4.22 support added
    • Note: Preview updates might break the Optim plugin.
  • Optim now doesn't freeze the Unreal Editor
  • Progress bar when reading Datasmith + CAD files


  • Fixed find actor reference error fixed
  • Fixed Optim specific tags are now properly removed after cleanup
  • Fixed file name displays properly in the Dashboard
  • Fixed combine method ignore sometimes showed instancing options
  • Fixed Division by Zero graph error for CAD files
    • Note: CAD files are still not supported for visualization just yet. 

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