Released: 31 January 2019

Release Type: Feature Update

Release Notes:

  • Redesigned rule area layout
  • Added new interactive filters
  • Added new General Rule: Merge by Material
  • Added new tab: Materials
    • Allows users to override material assignment with materials already in the UE4 project content folder
  • Added new notification for users to update their Optim installation if a new version is available
  • Added slider to set maximum amount of actors per merge call before separating it into separate merges
  • Geometry Instancing disabled
    • Undergoing a re-work

Known Issues:

  • Output Actors in rule edit area always shows '0'
  • Instance combine method still results heavily in errors
  • Datasmith files from SketchUp difficult to filter due to each actor being a face
  • CAD Materials handled differently by Datasmith, so:
    • Material Reassignment does not work with CAD imports
    • Merge by Material General Rule does not work with CAD imports

More information about the current state of CAD can be found HERE