Released: 19 March 2019
Release Type: Feature



  • Errors with deep hierarchy projects
  • Multiple misc bugs


  • Moved specific geometry rule lightmap generation option to the lightmap tab


  • Error popup if an unsupported file type is detected upon load
  • Error popup if assets folder is not found when attempting to load a .udatasmith file



  • Donut graphs will now display a blank graph when no data is available instead of breaking


  • Unexpected light types will display 'Unknown' instead of being blank



  • Implemented new tile view for Material and Light lists



  • Optim getting stuck at processing while processing certain file variables


  • The Optim version indicator has been moved to a less UI breaking location



  • Optim loses Revit actor references in Unreal Engine 4.21



  • Duplicates graph doesn't generate properly from CAD files
  • Optim loses Revit actor references in Unreal Engine 4.22
  • Material count on the dashboard is wrong, shows texture count instead


  • Datasmith files analyze ~40% faster now
  • Duplicates checker now looks at file size and element dimensions for comparisons rather than names. (Datasmith Only)
  • Version update checker now doesn't care about unreal version


  • Notification to tell user if they attempt to import an unsupported file type
  • New layer of try/except support for to reduce possible error chance
  • Error handling for unsuccessful CAD import



  • Camera values still not showing only 2 decimal accuracy
  • Can't inspect geometry actors in material reassignment page


  • CAD Options re-implemented



  • Click/drag on top bar buttons rarely results in a runtime warning
  • Clicking on the material information area in material reassignment results in an attribute error
  • Pressing Reset twice in the Lighting area causes the slider values to change from Integers to Floats
  • Donut graphs do not display proper spacing with small slices
  • Donut graphs display ghost slice despite 0 value
  • Level configuration buttons lacking drop shadow effects
  • Recursion error occurs when hovering over/using enable/disable Geom/Light/Cam/Mat import
  • Can switch to disabled sidebar areas
  • Off-by-one layout spacing error in Geometry Rule Cards


  • Camera detail floats were too precise, made hundredths be the limit
  • Made many interactable things require left-click


  • Temporarily removed all of the newly implemented CAD Import Options due to unknown issues.



The geometry rule card design has been updated to display more information.

Change Log:
  • Updated geometry rule card design
  • You can now change rule names on the card itself
  • More information
    • Combine type
    • Level of Detail
    • Actors
    • Output Actors

  • Materials now show a 'Preview Not Found' error if Optim cannot find a preview color or texture.

  • Material reassignment button now properly has text
  • V-Ray lights now do not break light cards
  • Area lights now show their shape name instead of a long string of parameters



With the core functionality being more stable, it's about time we started updating those graphs! We've added a donut chart to the mix. Expect more data-visualization update soon.

Change Log: 
  • Donut graphs have been implemented
  • The API has been improved to be more reliable. 


Materials now have an information page with more valuable data! Click on any material card in the material list to inspect it's contents. 

Change Log:
  • All materials now have a material information page
    • Material reassignment
    • Core information
    • Geometry using the material
    • Texture information
    • Material Variables


The lighting tab has been officially opened. Before, we only showcased a 'quick fix' light switch that would normalize extreme lights. Now, you can view view information about all of the lights, change intensities, normalize extreme values, and reset to original values. Lights that share a 100% similarity rate will be grouped into the same light card.

Change Log:
  • Preview cards now available
    • Information
      • Light type
      • Intensity
      • Layer
      • Unit type
  • Able to adjust, auto normalize, and reset intensities
  • Intense lights will appear red


Camera information cards are now available. There are no settings or options yet, but be patient, we have some amazing things in store for cameras!

Change Log:
  • Preview cards now available
    • Information:
      • Focal length
      • Focus distance
      • F Stop
      • Sensor Width
      • Aspect Ratio


Now you can choose to import into the current level, a new level, or just the content browser. Simple options for now, will expand on heavily soon!

Change Log:
  • Base level import options now available
    • Import into current level
    • Import into a completely new level
    • Import assets into content browser only
      • Note: Certain core optimization options are not available as of yet


We've enabled multiple be-hind the scene Datasmith options for CAD imports. Be careful using these!

We are in need of CAD file samples! If you can provide a CAD file type listed HERE, please let us know via a ticket. These files will allow us to thoroughly test out Optim's CAD support. Help us make Optim better for you!

Change Log:
  • CAD options exposed
    • Export Parametric Data
      • Description: Export parametric data to rebuild a mesh
    • Find Instances
      • Description: Enable or disable the search for instances of duplicated geometries. The search is done according to the following criteria: principal moments of inertia, OBB, surface, volume The search is disabled by default.
    • Generate Feature Lines
      • Description: Enable or disable the generation of feature lines as part of the tessellation process. The generation is enabled by default.
    • Model Coords System
      • Description: Choose the coordinates system the model was created in.
    • Parallel file loading options
      • Description: Maximum number of parallel file loadings
    • Partition Policy
      • Description: Policy on how to handle partitions within meshes when available
    • Rebuild Topology
      • Description: Enable or disable rebuilding the topology. The use is enabled by default.
    • Remove Empty Objects
      • Description: Enable or disable the removal of empty object during cleaning phase. The removal is enabled by default.
    • Skip Mesh Tessellation
      • Description: Skip tessellation of mesh on load
    • Use Delta Mesh
      • Description: Enable or disable the use of DeltaMesh. The use is enabled by default.
    • UV Generation
      • Description: Policy on how to handle UVs for meshes
    • UV Generation Type
      • Description: Algorithm to use to generate UVs
    • Note: Not all of these features have been tested with all of the CAD file types. If you come across an error please send in a ticket and we’ll fix any issues asap.

Bug Fixes

  • Revit materials now use their cleaned names
  • Multiple misc bugs squashed

Known Issues:

  • CAD material reassignment is broken.
  • CAD data-visualization is broken.
    • This affects the geometry triangle and size filters
  • Graph's break with irregular, or no, data.
  • Revit geometry material filter does not work
  • When generating lightmap UV's, it will generate an extra unused UV map.
  • On rare occasions loading a Datasmith file causes a critical error. 
  • Some Revit actors are missing from the geometry and filter lists